Wedding & Memorial Floral Add-Ons

A banner for Vixen Hollow Arts showing an assortment of floral blocking products

Wedding & Memorial
Floral Add-Ons

Picture Add-On Price Description
Photo of examples of three-inch ring stands 3″ Diamond Ring Stand $45 Diamond shape. Great way to use a few small blooms from your wedding to hold your ring.
Photo of a 5" ring stand 5″ Ring Stand $75 With the largest base size of 3” I can get one large statement flower/bloom in the piece. Not pictured. Diamond Shape.
Tealight $85 Set of 3 Heights are 2.87”, 2.08”, & 1.65” As seen in the picture on the Cover.
Photo of an extra large tea light XL Tealight $75 This Circular Bulb Tea Light is oversized and Great for one large Bloom and some extra florals.
Double 6’s Dominos $75 Double 6 Dominos with petals and flowers from your Preservation Bouquet
Double 9 Dominos $135 Dominos with Petals and Flowers from your Preservation piece.

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