Bridal & Memorial Floral Preservation

Floral block example with the Vixen Hollow Arts logo shown in the corner


Thank you for your interest in Floral Blocking with Vixen Hollow Arts. I can create lasting keepsakes from your special day. I will create wonderful statement pieces for your house. I will take the flowers from your special day. Carefully dry them and preserve them in Resin.

Add Ons Available Such as Ring Holder and Tealights. Wedding & Memorial Floral Add-Ons – Vixen Hollow Arts

I only can take a limited number of brides each weekend. Spots fill up fast. To Book your Wedding Bouquet Preservation Contact me now.

Flowers must arrive in Ellsworth within 48-72 hours of your event for preservation.

Prices have been updated for 2024 Season.

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Wedding & Memorial Floral Blocking Price List

Picture Size Shape Price Description
Wedding FLower Preservation 6″ Square $450 Traditional Shape in a smaller size.
7″ Hexagon $550 Great for Brides with smaller bouquets and blooms. A Modern Sleek shape. Sample in Process. Picture to come in a few months.
7″ Square $550 Traditional shape in a budget-friendly size. The perfect gift to give the bride. Sample in Process. Picture to come in a few months.
8″ Hexagon $650 The modern shape at this size offers a great way to get a bit more room for more blooms at this size. Very Popular Size. Modern Sleek Shape.
8″ Square $650 This floral blocking is a great way to get a few larger blooms and more out of your bouquet. This block is a popular traditional square shape.
9″ Hexagon $750 This Larger size is a great way to get more greenery and flowers from your bouquet in one book for a whole bouquet vibe. Sample in Process. Picture to come in a few months.
10" Square Floral Block 10″ Square $850 By far the most popular size for bigger bouquets. Traditional Square shapes are popular. Bride will get the most out of your floral arrangement in your block.
Wedding Flower Preservation 10″ Hexagon $850 This size is perfect for bigger bouquets or adding keepsake items. Please notice the lace detail from a family heirloom wedding gown in the picture.
TBD Colored Backdrop White or Black $40 Make your flowers pop by adding a White or Black Background to your blocking.

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