Biggest Wedding Planning Mistake

As a floral preservation artist, some of the biggest mistakes I notice when meeting couples at wedding expos are: The key advice is to budget for floral preservation upfront, book the service well in advance (as it takes least 5-7 months to preserve the flowers after the wedding). Also have realistic expectations about the final

What are my Layout Options?

Just imagine the possibilities with a larger floral preservation blocking style – you get endless layout options! Think about it, brides who choose smaller sizes like a 6-inch block often aim for the full bloom look, stuffing every possible bloom in there to maximize the beauty. But with a larger block, the creative possibilities are

What Happens to my flowers?

Get ready to be wowed by my unique craft! I have designed a simple, step-by-step graphic that showcases how I transform your flowers into timeless art pieces over 5-7 months. The magic of making your flowers appear as if frozen in time is a process that’s worth every second! Each phase is handled with utmost

august Drifts Away & September slips Away

Summer just went way to fast in August. Island Arts Association only has one event in August in Southwest Harbor. We had beautiful weather for the event. One of my best friends Tabitha, Owner of Luxury Picnics Acadia & the woman behind the amazing blog Downeast Famous, swung by with her youngest kid. It was

July in SWH

Two weekends in a row artists took over downtown Southwest Harbor. First was the Flamingo Festival. The weather was uncertain leading into that weekend. I was not sure if it was going to rain like June did. Luckily, the fog and haze were there but the rain held off for Saturday which was great. The

Bangor Summer Art Walk 2023

Saturday was a beautiful hot sunny day in Bangor Maine. Downtown Bangor had various roads blocked off for the summer Art Walk. Large crowds of people came out to see the art, hear the various buskers. Even a massage therapist was there to help people relax on the spot. I participated in the Fall Art

Independence Day 2023

July 4th was a busy day in Bar Harbor this year. Two years ago, the Fourth of July Craft Fair got canceled due to rain. I didn’t write about Southwest Harbor last month because it was just so wet, I didn’t have much to report except the people who showed up and braved the weather

Leary’s Landing Bar Harbor   

Recently after work with a friend I made a trip to Leary’s Landing in Downtown Bar Harbor. Growing up in the Boston area I am familiar with Irish Pubs. This Pub had me feeling at home. The ambiance was great. The décor also made me like this Irish Pub was authentic. Check out all the