What are my Layout Options?

Just imagine the possibilities with a larger floral preservation blocking style – you get endless layout options!

Think about it, brides who choose smaller sizes like a 6-inch block often aim for the full bloom look, stuffing every possible bloom in there to maximize the beauty. But with a larger block, the creative possibilities are limitless! You can have blooms bursting from two corners or artfully arranged on one side, creating an exquisite visual treat. You could even have them clustered in the center, framed by a bit of negative space for that chic, contemporary vibe.

After patiently waiting for the flowers to dry (which can take a month or more), they’re sprayed with a UV blocking spray to protect their vibrancy. The anticipation of confirming that final layout is worth every second! After confirming layout, I still have many steps left such as blocking, sanding, top coating and polishing to finish before your flowers can be with you for a lifetime.

More information on blocking process can be found here.

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Pictures of layout design for flowers in Square and Hexagon