wedding planning mistakes

Biggest Wedding Planning Mistake

As a floral preservation artist, some of the biggest mistakes I notice when meeting couples at wedding expos are:

  1. Brides forgetting to budget for floral preservation when planning their wedding flowers. Many couples use their entire floral budget without setting aside funds to preserve their bouquet.
  2. Brides waiting until the last minute (less than 30 days) to book floral preservation services. This can result in additional fees, and the artist may not have availability.
  3. Brides having unrealistic expectations about the quality of floral preservation. Bubbles, swirls, and imperfections can occur if the resin is not properly degassed or cured. I do my best to prevent that in my artwork, but I am only human. Additionally, things such as love spots, like bruising, on flowers once preserved.
  4. Brides regret tossing their bouquet after the wedding, without considering preservation options. Many brides regret not keeping their bouquet as a keepsake.

The key advice is to budget for floral preservation upfront, book the service well in advance (as it takes least 5-7 months to preserve the flowers after the wedding). Also have realistic expectations about the final preserved product. Preserving the bouquet can be a meaningful way to commemorate the wedding day.