Biggest Wedding Planning Mistake

As a floral preservation artist, some of the biggest mistakes I notice when meeting couples at wedding expos are: The key advice is to budget for floral preservation upfront, book the service well in advance (as it takes least 5-7 months to preserve the flowers after the wedding). Also have realistic expectations about the final

What are my Layout Options?

Just imagine the possibilities with a larger floral preservation blocking style – you get endless layout options! Think about it, brides who choose smaller sizes like a 6-inch block often aim for the full bloom look, stuffing every possible bloom in there to maximize the beauty. But with a larger block, the creative possibilities are

What Happens to my flowers?

Get ready to be wowed by my unique craft! I have designed a simple, step-by-step graphic that showcases how I transform your flowers into timeless art pieces over 5-7 months. The magic of making your flowers appear as if frozen in time is a process that’s worth every second! Each phase is handled with utmost