Wedding Flower Preservation
Wedding FLower Preservation

Booking 2024 Flower Preservation

You spend so much time and energy leading up to your big day planning every minor detail of your wedding. How big is your budget for flowers? If you’re spending a pretty hefty sum on the flowers alone, have you begun to think about what you do with the flowers after the event?

Photos preserve the memories. Physical mementos like my modern wedding flower preservations will take your flowers and freeze them in time. Consider taking a Percentage of your budget to preserve the flowers to last a lifetime.

When do I book my wedding preservation artist?

Like other wedding vendors, Floral Preservations artists book out months in advance. We must limit the number of Brides we are physically able to work with each month weekend. I recommend booking when you decide you want it. You can lock in your weekend by paying a $150 nonrefundable deposit at booking. However, with limited slots available each weekend, if you are getting married during a peak wedding season, you might need to book even sooner than 90 days to guarantee your weekend. Payment in Full is required 30 days before the wedding.

I am currently accepting a max of 3 brides per weekend. I am booking 12 brides in a month max. Each bridal order takes me about 5 to 7 months to complete one wedding flower preservation.

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