Biggest Wedding Planning Mistake

As a floral preservation artist, some of the biggest mistakes I notice when meeting couples at wedding expos are: The key advice is to budget for floral preservation upfront, book the service well in advance (as it takes least 5-7 months to preserve the flowers after the wedding). Also have realistic expectations about the final

What are my Layout Options?

Just imagine the possibilities with a larger floral preservation blocking style – you get endless layout options! Think about it, brides who choose smaller sizes like a 6-inch block often aim for the full bloom look, stuffing every possible bloom in there to maximize the beauty. But with a larger block, the creative possibilities are

What Happens to my flowers?

Get ready to be wowed by my unique craft! I have designed a simple, step-by-step graphic that showcases how I transform your flowers into timeless art pieces over 5-7 months. The magic of making your flowers appear as if frozen in time is a process that’s worth every second! Each phase is handled with utmost

Spring has Sprung in Maine

It’s been a while since I have made a blog post. Lots of things are going on in my life these days. In February my stepdad, the man that raised me, passed away. It was so hard to deal with for sure. However, I am feeling some closure from his passing creating beautiful Memorial Flower

Portland Expo & Acadia Adventures

This week I traveled to Portland Maine for the last of 4 Bridal Expos. I had so much fun meeting all the happy couples over the last month. You should expect my first newsletter in your inbox on Monday February 13th. I look forward to preserving your wedding flowers. I have been pushing so hard

Canvas Rebel & Bangor Bridal EXPOS

The last two Sundays I have been at two different Bridal Expos in the Bangor and Greater Bangor area. In Hermon at the Morgan Hill Convention Center two Sundays ago with the New England Wedding Association. That was a lovely Bridal Expo. My second time with that group. My second Bridal Expo all together. I

New Bridal Expo Addition

With my first bridal show behind me, I laugh now thinking how nervous I was. I still can’t believe the wonderful welcome I got from everybody in the Wedding industry. I was nervous being the only artist there that wasn’t a photographer. It felt natural chatting with everyone about my flower preservation for wedding bouquets.

Here Comes 2023

New Year means new business goals. This year is no exception. Vixen Hollow Arts New Business Goal for 2023 is expanding into floral preservation for Bridal and Memorial. Next Sunday is the first of 3 Bridal Shows I’ll be doing with New England Wedding Association. Sunday January 15, 2023 I will be in Augusta Maine