Portland Expo & Acadia Adventures

This week I traveled to Portland Maine for the last of 4 Bridal Expos. I had so much fun meeting all the happy couples over the last month. You should expect my first newsletter in your inbox on Monday February 13th. I look forward to preserving your wedding flowers.

I have been pushing so hard to expand from the Craft Show Circuit into Wedding Floral Preservation. I am so proud of myself for getting there. After attending 4 Bridal Events I am excited to see what the future holds for the expansion of Vixen Hollow Arts. 

Yesterday was a random warm February day in Maine with a high of 40°F. My friends and I went exploring at Acadia National Park. We stopped by Sand Beach and Thunder Hole. Acadia is on Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor Maine. We had a little snowfall overnight, so things were still icy even as the temperature were warming up to 40°F. The waves were incredible.

I have learned over the years that self-care is more important than productivity. Burn out is real. I want to do my best to avoid getting to the burnt-out stage. Taking the day to get outside in nature was me showing myself some TLC. I could have gone in the work zone where I put off seeing friends to work on the business. However, being with friends is definitely a good form of self-care. Especially when those friends are willing to go walking around in nature with you. Those days are memories in the making. One day we’ll look back on yesterday and call it “the good old days” So slow down smell the roses or if you’re like me watch the waves roll in. 

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