Canvas Rebel & Bangor Bridal EXPOS

The last two Sundays I have been at two different Bridal Expos in the Bangor and Greater Bangor area. In Hermon at the Morgan Hill Convention Center two Sundays ago with the New England Wedding Association. That was a lovely Bridal Expo. My second time with that group. My second Bridal Expo all together. I felt like a had more of a handle on it then at my first one in Augusta.

Now after yesterday with 3 Bridal Expos behind my belt, I feel like I’ve really found my groove at the wedding expos. Just like craft fairs each one is kind of similar but also uniquely itself at the same time. For Bridal Expos I’m going to a different location each week. Yesterday was at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor with the Maine Wedding Association. It was by far the largest wedding expo that I have ever been to. I loved meeting new Vendors like Grayce Bridal in Bangor. But also bumping into ones I’ve seen before. Flash Me Maine, the photobooth guy, was my neighbor this week just like at the first weekend at the Bangor Mall this year. The Renewal by Anderson girls brought me chocolate which was so sweet because they knew how busy it was and that I probably hadn’t ate.

The couples, some I am actually feeling like I am getting to know as I hear their stories. A few couples now I have seen twice. One couple saw me in Hermon the week before and the bride stop but just to tell me she still really loves me art and hasn’t stop thinking about getting flower preservation for her wedding. I have one more Bridal Expo next week in Portland and I cant wait to meet more couples!!

Also, Side note I sat down with Canvas Rebel Magazine, and they didn’t a little interview. Here is the link check it out here

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