New Bridal Expo Addition

With my first bridal show behind me, I laugh now thinking how nervous I was. I still can’t believe the wonderful welcome I got from everybody in the Wedding industry. I was nervous being the only artist there that wasn’t a photographer. It felt natural chatting with everyone about my flower preservation for wedding bouquets.

The brides and grooms loved the ideas I had in store for their big days. Many said I’ve seen that on TikTok or on Instagram in regards to resin work in general. I responded with “Well I’m on both. You can see pictures of me making stuff like this” Wink. Wink.

 I also offered bridesmaids gifts such as bamboo hairbrushes with resin art and heart-shaped trinket dishes with sand shells and ocean resin waves. For wedding guest gifts for the party favors I offered once I could match the decor like my organized chaos coasters now in two sizes traditional 4 inch and smaller car coasters. For the Organized Chaos Coaster I can fully match the color pallet that the wedding has. So you gifts to you guest can also be decorations for your wedding. The mini car coasters are cute too.

 I prepared little booklets that just look great I can’t wait to put the booklet information on the website.  That’s coming soon. 

I am heading to Greater Bangor in 2 days, January 22, for the Bridal Expo in Hermon at the Morgan Hill Convention Center. On January 29th, I have a new line up I will be at the Cross Center in Bangor with Maine Wedding Association. I’ll be in Portland February 5th with New England Wedding Association.

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