After the Rain comes a RAINBOW

So, another weekend in the summer means only one thing as an artist, another craft fair. This time Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island. The weather report was iffy for Saturday and mentioned light rain during set up, but it would turn into a nice day. Sunday looked like downpour rain the whole day. Saturday set up this time was pretty uneventful (thank goodness) If you read my blog post “Crafting Ain’t Easy” you’re already well aware that I’ve gone through one a disastrous set up this season.

Sunday was not in the cards for the craft fair with all the rain. That means set up and break down in the same day. Which is allot of work especially by yourself like me and only 5″2′ and kind of a weakling. Additionally, when a two-day fair turns into a one-day fair you got to make the best of the day you have. I set out to do just that this past weekend.

I think that personal interaction that connection with the artist is why people love coming to craft fairs. It’s my number one reason why I love going to them. I get to directly interact with potential customers. I love when kids are running around the craft fair, see my booth, do a dead stop and come over and start admiring everything because well kids are blunt if they don’t like something they will tell you. On Saturday, I was interacting with these 2 brothers at the craft fair explaining very colorfully how working with resin is like being a mad scientist artist. Mixing the resin is basically a science experiment where your end outcome of this chemistry experiment is well “Art” Their mom was very stealthy like Jane Bond and snapped a picture of the boys and me. As soon as the mom appears by their side the youngest starts telling her about mixing part A and part B and adding colors, heating to remove bubbles, I mean everything he remembered everything I said and basically gave her a full run down on how to do it. Explained how this art is science. The excitement in his eyes was so precious. His genuine interest made me happy. The mom shared the picture of me and the boys and its posted along with this post.

On my way home I came across a lovely rainbow outside of Revive Salon in Trenton. Perfect way to end a day that started with drizzles. Sunday, day 2, did rain out all day. However, I’m must day I’m glad we had the one day because maybe just maybe I might have inspired the next generation of budding artists. 

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