Mmm Bacon

Charcuterie is more than cheese and crackers. One of my favorite customer photos came to me a few days after Christmas 2021 from a client that’s also a good friend. A breakfast Charcuterie board she made over the holidays. I mean YUM yum BACON BACON BACON!!! I feel my mouth drool just looking at the bacon.

This is so creative. I do think some people are intimated by the idea of charcuterie boards like they are something fancy. I take the opposite view. Charcuterie is an easy way to display everything all at one for easy self-serve access. Its like one big serving platter where you can put everything you are offering and you can definitely offer more than cheese and crackers.  If you don’t believe me just look at the picture of the Breakfast Charcuterie one more time. This board was serving a family of 3, where the youngest family member loves silver dollar pancakes. This board has fruit, pancakes, real Maine Maple Syrup, sausages and of course BACON BACON and more BACON. 

Don’t forget to think outside the box when you are working with your charcuterie board and yes its okay to put away those cheese and crackers and get wild with your charcuterie board like Jenna did with this fabulous BACON Board opps I mean breakfast charcuterie (I do not have a BACON problem I swear) mmm Bacon

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