Fogtown Brewing

This weekend was a beautiful weekend in Downeast Maine. I had a craft Fair at Artsworth & Atlantic Glass Studio in Ellsworth. When it’s the last weekend in June and the temperatures in Downeast Maine are already mid 80s you know this summer is going to be a hot one. This market is a half day ending at 1 pm so we can clear out of the parking lot for when FOGTOWN Brewing opens. That also means I am packing up during the hottest part of the day and when it’s the hottest day of the year so far by the time I finish I am covered in sweat, exhausted and hungry. That is exactly what happened to me this weekend. Setting up and taking down, emptying the car. Phew I can still taste the salt from the sweat dripping down my face. By the time I unpacked the car I hop in the shower to cool off, depleted at this point and starving and I couldn’t stop thinking about Fogtown…

Did I mention the craft fair is above Fogtown Brewing? I did…well did I mention they serve brick oven PIZZA? I didn’t. My bad.

Now I am allergic to beer, so honestly most of everything Fogtown Brewing makes drink wise is completely lost on me since I can’t sample the beers with my allergies. However, they do have the Pizza.  I don’t care how bad my stomach issues are, I still enjoy a delicious cheese pizza every now and then.  Saturday drained from the heat was a NOW situation of when I deserve a Pizza.

So after my shower I made my way back to Artsworth and Fogtown and enjoyed a delicious Brick Oven Cheese Pizza from Fogtown’s Pizza Shack. Now I was born in Boston so I’m picky with my pizza and Fogtown has the best pizza in town. I may be allergic to their beer, but I did try a Blueberry Hard Seltzer which was refreshing on the hot afternoon. Come back on Friday nights when they have live music on the stage.

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