Where it all started

My very first piece of art I made in a lesson was my mermaid.  The lesson was in Chatham Massachusetts with Mary Dunn Cauley, very talented mosaic artist on Cape Cod. Mary gives great instruction and encourages students to practice self-expression through their own unique style.

I absolutely love how this displays the genuine creativity and talent I had to start without any practice. I used creative flare when I added crushed glass in the shape of a bird and put it in the hand of the mermaid. That first lesson Mary Had driven by a car crash and picked up some crushed glass windshield and I threw some of it in my piece.

I can see how I have improved over the years since this first piece but also will always enjoy this piece that now lives with a friend on Cape Cod.

I used a small shell for the bra top on the mermaid, I can easily spot areas I needed to improve at, for example cutting pieces or grinding them so they don’t overhang on the base of the mosaic and create a flush smooth edge to the pieces.

If you are on Cape Cod this summer head to Chatham and check out the Sharks in the Park.  Mary has one on display. Mary was also my first art teacher as an adult and I am forever grateful that she sparked my interest in the creative world or else my business and this blog wouldn’t exist.

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