Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July Weekend.  In honor of the holiday, I decided to show off my Most Patriot Pieces of Art!!

So first up is a Beautiful Vintage Up Cycled Americana Flag Sign. I found this sign from Facebook Marketplace on Cape Cod back when I was still living there before I moved to Maine in 2021. So, this piece was amazing I actually got a few other pieces from the same lady. I decided to upcycle and give the piece a nautical feel. I added nautical rope in between the red and white stripes. Then where the White stripes where I decided to make little stars with tiny shells. This piece I posted it on Instagram and a childhood friend of mine that made a career in the Air Force and the as Military Police and even worked at the White House at one point snagged it up. I must say my piece looks great next to all those amazing challenge coins!!

Next Piece is a simple starfish and stripes pallet sign. The Pallet Sign you can easily find something like this at your local craft store or maybe even a dollar store. Next Paint with Red White and Blue Paints like an American Flag. Finish with gluing some Starfish on the blue part of the flag in in lieu of stars. And VIOLA you have a Starfish and Stripes Pallet Sign.

Last picture is of me in South Beach Miami Pulling off my Most Patriotic Beach look, in one of my favorite old bathing suits from my one of my favorite brands Lilly Pulitzer. Fun fact about Lilly Pulitzer all their patterns are hand painted by Artists in their Print Shop. When you wear Lilly Pulitzer you’re literally wearing a piece of art, which as an artist I absolutely adore!!

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