A table of wares with the Vixen Hollow Arts sign
A photo of me in the little pink tent (R.I.P.)
More items for sale at my table

Crafting Ain’t Easy

I am so excited to start blogging about my crafting experience thus far. I am not sure what this is going to become but let’s do this together and enjoy the ride. I am Diana and I started selling at craft fairs on Mount Desert Island last year when I moved to Maine. I have always loved to get creative and have found a way to make a living at it. I wanted to start this first blog post telling you how much I learned last year and how this year was going to be off to an even better start with all of my experiences and wisdom (And then… wind happened!)

So far this season, I have been to 2 craft fairs and through 3 tents. My first pink (adorable and well loved) tent blew away… BLEW AWAY AND BROKE!! I had to pack up and go to the store and get a new tent. The next day I set up, and saw that this new tent had holes in it. These were called “ Air Control Vents”! Therefore, my items would get WET!! I did have a great day though in sales! So, I packed up the tent, retired it and ordered a new tent. Hence, my third tent. Third tent is awesome and so sturdy but it is big. Now, I welcome you to the Tetris game that is known as my car. 3 tents… 2 fairs… not even July! I can’t even get my tent up… Isn’t there a blue pill for that? No? I’m mistaken!

I’ll leave you with this. Farewell to my little pink tent! Greetings, huge trusty tent and Tetris car game. Please follow along as I get into the groove of the season and post tutorials on uses of my products and some proud moments (And, if you’re lucky, a few more disasters as we go!).

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