Independence Day 2023

July 4th was a busy day in Bar Harbor this year. Two years ago, the Fourth of July Craft Fair got canceled due to rain. I didn’t write about Southwest Harbor last month because it was just so wet, I didn’t have much to report except the people who showed up and braved the weather were lovely, and I felt Cold in my bones for days afterwards.

I was bracing myself for a wet July Forth. The forecast was giving a chance of rain but as the day progressed the chance of rain kept on getting pushed off too late and later in the day.

It was one of the first good weather days this Summer in Maine. The parade was jam packed with floats. The pancake breakfast and Lobster lunch was across the field at the YMCA and Bustling with people.

The Fourth of July is the only one day even that the Island Arts Association puts on all year, with a much earlier start to the event, and earlier ending. The day truly goes by fast. I even had a few new clients reach out for commissions already this week.  Everywhere I looked I saw Red White and Blue.

After the craft fair, I finished my day at Fogtown Brewery in Ellsworth for dinner and open mic night. Lots of amazing talent. All in all, Independence Day was full of good people and great weather.