Leary’s Landing Bar Harbor   

Recently after work with a friend I made a trip to Leary’s Landing in Downtown Bar Harbor. Growing up in the Boston area I am familiar with Irish Pubs. This Pub had me feeling at home. The ambiance was great. The décor also made me like this Irish Pub was authentic. Check out all the photos I took of the interior. I really love the feeling inside this place.

Additionally, Leary’s has a great selection of comfort food, Pub Fare, and beers. My friend I was with had the Seafood Stew. I tasted it and boy was it delicious. It was a rainy chilly day in Bar Harbor, so the Seafood Stew was a great choice by my friend. I went with a simple Cheeseburger, fries, and root beer. I simple was in the mood for a classic Cheeseburger. The meat was cooked perfectly, so the burger was juicy and delicious. I didn’t leave anything left on my plate. The Fries were also very good. There are lots of varieties of Burgers with all sorts of toppings and goodies. Next time you’re in Bar Harbor swing by for a bite to eat and maybe a drink.

On their Website Leary’s Boast that they are the closest Irish Pub to Ireland in the U.S., that is Open Year-Round that is.

Leary’s Landing Irish Pub Bar Harbor – Restaurant – Whiskey & Beer Bar (learyslanding.com)