ArtWalk Bangor

I ventured to Downtown Bangor this past Saturday for the ArtWalk. It was the first event to kick off The city of Bangor’s celebration of October’s Artober events. I had the pleasure of meeting so many new artists. Bangor really does have a hopping art scene. Betsy Lundy from Downtown Bangor and Artist Amanda Coburn put on a fantastic event. Amanda is a very talented artist and shop owner at Maine Jewelry and Art. Baked by Joy was there serving up delicious eats. I swear over half of the people that stopped by my booth had some food from Joy’s booth.

The highlight for me over the weekend was selling my largest Resin wave piece. A functional piece of art, Resin waves on a live edge piece of wood with 5 cleats attached to hang coats or towels. The customer was so excited we got a picture of him with his new piece of art and his wife thought I was beaming so much she grabbed a picture of me. I look so happy.

I sold a few ocean wave charcuteries, one that is the state of Maine and a sea turtle. Both clients said they were going to use them for wall hanging art in their house.

There are lots of event all month long in Bangor. Be sure to check it out. Click for a list of Artober Events

On Sunday I headed to Broadway in Bangor to the Judson Heights Craft Fair that had to get rescheduled from that last weekend in September due to the high winds we had from hurricane Ian. Judson Heights was great, hosted by Melinda Frost of The Not So Empty Nest. I made so many new connections with wonderful vendors and artists. Plus, in a few weeks I am looking forward to announcing a new retail location where my organized chaos coasters will be available in Bangor. Keep your eyes posted.