Steamy Buddha

When I am not making my art or selling it at craft fairs, you can find me at Steamy Buddha. There is something about that place. Every time I go there, I feel better when I leave than when I walked in there. I have created a life in Maine that allows me to go there 3-5 times a week if not more. They have so many things for you to do there. Its so much more than a café and yoga studio.

Owner Natasha Sidhu and her husband Steven Curtis have truly created a full-service mind body spiritual healing place. The sanctuary offers lots of Eastern medicine like Ayurveda, massage and herbal consult. I have had a few Ayurveda sessions with Natasha herself. Its truly an amazing experience. I have added a few Eastern medicine herbs into my diet at her suggestion that I feel are truly helping my body that is riddled with severe digestive issues and many other ailments.

Earlier this summer I went to this lovely Communication Seminar at the Sanctuary lead by Natasha. I truly gained insight into my natural communication styles and how that effects my interactions with others.

This past summer they had Tuesday noon meditation, which I got to experience once this summer. It helped me as I was dealing with my PTSD coming back to the surface. Now I am meditating daily for just 5 minutes and even longer a few times a week.

Daily yoga classes with Eric Jackson and David Suarez are the best ways to spend part of your day honoring yourself. I have lost over 100 lbs. in the last 16 months taking yoga classes such as Hot Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin to name a few types. I know I am forgetting to mention lots of other activities that go on over there because there is just so much good stuff happening. Natasha really puts her soul into creating everything at Steamy Buddha to enrich her customers life experience.

Head Chef Jesse Steiger cooks up meals in the café that are nourishing for the body and the soul. Every now and then you’ll even see Natasha herself cooking your meals. Here are few pictures of the last year of my favorite dishes. The Noodle Soup, mine has beef in it and the infamous Steak Sammie. A Steak and Cheese sandwich made with A Little Notch Bakery & Cafe sourdough bread, steak, caramelized onions and a slice of parmesan cheese. It’s my favorite sandwich in town. The Buddha Bowls, delicious Chai, smoothies and winter special beef stew are also popular menu items for you to explore.

If you haven’t walked into Steamy Buddha, you really should begin to explore everything they have to offer.  In the Café they have some of my art along with a few other artists, plus aroma therapy, herbs and salves for healing. Located at 50 Church Street in Downtown Ellsworth. Swing by Steamy Buddha and experience the positive healing energy for yourself.