Downtown mini Charcuterie

This summer twice as I was running errands in Bangor on a Friday, I picked up my lunch in the form of a mini Charcuterie box from Downtown Charcuterie in Bangor. It required some planning ahead as I had to order my lunch earlier in the week to guarantee pick up on Friday. The minibox is perfect size for one person to snack on. I have Crohn’s disease and, so my diet is strict and heavily limited. At Downtown they allow you to customize your board to whatever you can have. Both of my mini boxes were perfectly curated to my diet and tastes.

Each time I did a little photoshoot with one of my Country Chic Floral Charcuterie Boards. I love the look of my boards even more so when the food is on them. Downtown Charcuterie was founded by Ashley Cunningham who is the creative genius behind this brand. As Downtown Charcuterie has grown Ashley recruited help in the form of her best friend Allison Bailey. These two ladies are artists with your food.

Place your orders online and pick up in Bangor.  You can also catch both of us in Bangor on the 24th & 25th at the Judson Heights Craft Festival run by Melinda Frost of The Not So Empty Nest on Broadway in Bangor where the event will be located.  Downtown will have mini charcuterie cups for you to sample all weekend. See you soon!