Walrus Cutting Board Oil

How do I condition my new charcuterie board? I have a few options for you. If you have mineral oil in the house that’s a handy option without having to purchase something separate. Honestly there are things out there better than wiping mineral oil. You can rub it on your board but over time I have learned what master woodworkers use in their own homes.

There are two different brands I recommend that are not mineral oil that you can use on your charcuterie boards. I use Walrus Oil for Cutting Board Oil. They also have a Walrus Oil Cutting Board Wax. This post is about the Walrus Oil. The other wood conditioner I use is Total Boat Wood Honey.

I have such high praise for Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil. It’s easy to apply it’s not as greasy as mineral oil. View the pictures on the side, you can see on the board there are two spots where I conditioned the wood.  The Top greasier was mineral oil and the bottom I used Walrus oil to show the different. The other picture is the same piece once fully conditioned with Walrus oil.

I’ve noticed it conditions the wood for a longer period. It also does a great job highlighting the grains in the wood whether you’re using a walnut like in the picture or even when I use it on my bamboo boards. You can apply with your hands or with small towel but since it is food safe, I use my clean hands. It’s something that you can keep in your house to use on all your wooden serving boards whether it’s an actual cutting one that you’re cutting on or charcuterie where you’re doing lovely food displays.