Labor Day in Bar Harbor

In my first blog post, I went through a few tents Memorial Day weekend when the wind was crazy on the Village Green in Bar Harbor. Labor Day weekend we were back at the Village Green. Thankfully it was beautiful weather with only a slight breeze, no big gusts of wind like the beginning of the season.

There were two cruise ships in town on Saturday and one in town on Sunday. Bar Harbor is a huge spot for cruise ships to come to port. I love it when the cruise ships are in town. On Saturday one very talkative girl from outside Willoughby near Vancouver, who literally just kept on gabbing telling me all about how amazing her cruise was, made me smile and giggle at the very point in the afternoon when my energy was at its lowest. I could feel myself just gaining energy having her extremely energetic and positive personality in my vicinity.  People came from as far as Minnesota, California, Australia, Nevada, Quebec and various spots in Europe. It’s very cool to think about all those people from all over the world that are currently bringing my art into their homes as a souvenir from a family vacation. It makes me feel so proud of myself.

On Sunday I decided to start my day with an Iced Dirty Chai and a Blueberry scone from The Stadium in Bar Harbor. It was so delicious. It was so delicious. The Chai tasted like Christmas in a Cup, and the shot of espresso in it gave me energy to keep going through the day. The blueberry scone is amazing. There is nothing like fresh Maine Blueberries to make anything more delicious. The stadium doesn’t offer any seating inside but with a super friendly staff you’ll keep coming back for more. Earlier this summer I had their Blueberry Lemonade that is my favorite non caffeinated cold drink to get in town.

I believe this weekend was one for the books. Record Sales. I spend all of Monday, actual Labor Day, resting and chilling in bed. A well-earned Labor Day after a full summer season of craft fairs. Looking forward to a September full of Fall Craft fairs. Check me out September 17th and 18th when I’ll be back in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island.