Luxury Autumn Charcuterie

Do you want to create a fall theme charcuterie in one step? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the Pinterest worthy Charcuterie that look like your favorite Hocus Pocus Characters? Don’t get discouraged with one step we can transform your average board into a Harvest theme without breaking the bank. The one step: adding those mini pumpkin candies on top. SO SIMPLE. Chech out the display Tabitha of Luxury Picnics Acadia created last fall with one of my iridescent resin charcuterie boards.

Made from the same stuff as your candy corn and slightly dressed up as mini pumpkins. It’s such an easy way to turn a normal everyday charcuterie into something special during the fall season. Whether you’re gathering to watch your favorite football team, sitting down with snacks for a scary movie or just with loved ones during the Holidays. No need to think of fall themed snacks or turning your food into food shaped witches because it’s so daunting and you don’t have enough time juggling life. So do your regular basic charcuterie and add some pumpkins to garnish. Poof! Your board is now ready for the best Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Another suggestion is curating a collection of holiday theme charcuterie.  You can also shop from my Fall Harvest Collection of colors that resemble pumpkin patches and fallen leaves. The color tones in your resin on your charcuterie board isa simple way to change out for holidays. My Christmas Colors Collection is also already loaded onto the website.

PS.  Let me give you background on the board in the pictures. Last year one of my ocean resin boards got stolen from a Luxury Picnics Acadia engagement picnic. It sounds awful but honestly, I was so flattered that someone assumed that my board was included in their proposal as a keepsake. However, my friend Tabitha that owns the Luxury Picnics Acadia was out one board. So literally because she never asked for a handout, she just vented about the situation to me.  Saying stuff like “I can’t believe this happened to me. I loved that board.”  I told her to swing by next craft fair, I hinted she it might be in her favor to swing by. So, I let her pick out a board free of charge in the same price range as the ocean wave board that was stolen. She picked this lovely iridescent bamboo charcuterie board.

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