Tripp & Martha

This weekend I had a craft fair in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island. I am going to tell you the highlights.

On Saturday a husband and wife on vacation from NY came by my booth. They were a very outgoing and friendly couple. The wife adored my sea turtle charcuterie board. We were chatting and much to my surprise I learned an interesting fact. It wasn’t even the resin work that had attracted her eye. It was the sea turtle shape. She collects sea turtle. Anything truly unique one of a kind that’s a sea turtle.

Upon learning the wife collects sea turtles, I proceeded to tell her all about my Sea Turtle-Stained glass piece named Tripp. She emailed me from my website that night asking question about Tripp. I told her I could reduce cost significantly since she was picking it up. Saving me the headache of shipping stained glass out of state.

That couple arrived early the next morning at the craft fair. Tripp was hanging up for her to look at as soon as she arrived. The wife said something that made my heart melt “oh wow he is even more beautiful in person. The pictures don’t him justice.” That little compliment meant a lot to me.

End of the story, Tripp got adopted by that lovely couple. He is currently on his way to upstate NY. I am so excited. Yes. Tripp was adopted not purchased. He is now part of their family as she put it. She has the perfect window for him to reside.

I almost forgot. One more thing. Local Mount Desert Island Summer Resident of many years, Miss Martha Stewart swung by the craft fair on Sunday. Yes, that Martha Stewart with her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is a complete Mini Martha Look alike. Sorry no pictures because us locals, we respect her privacy too much to do that. However, I did get to talk to her about my ocean resin wave coasters and that special sea turtle charcuterie board too. I totally fangirled a little and was jumping up and down deep inside myself as she stopped at my booth. I held my composure in front of her, I think.

So, all in all the Islands Arts Association August Craft Fair was successful.