Oktoberst & MDI Knits

The last outdoor craft fair of the season with Island Arts Association was this past weekend in Bar Harbor. With it being the Second weekend in October it was a little chilly. My electric hand warmers most definitely came in handy. It was 40 something degrees when we were unloading our cars Saturday morning.  I don’t think we surpassed 60 degrees all weekend and the wind hit over 10 mph. So it was the coldest weekend by far. However, the ocean view at Atlantic Oceanside in Bar Harbor is spectacular. I added a picture of the view from where the crafters were set up on the upper lawn. It was great seeing all the leaf peeping tourists and other crafters.

I did have my MDI knits hat to keep me warm. I wore a different one of Ruth’s creations each day. Made with 100% wool, your head will thank you for the warm covering. I know that’s how I feel whenever I wear mine. I got my first one from Ruth over a year ago at the Labor Day craft fair in 2021. It’s held up well. She made me another custom-colored hat to match all my Lilly Pulitzer sweatshirts. I love how bright my custom hat in the pictures is. Check MDI knit out on Instagram or on Facebook. Ruth is one of the nicest and smartest ladies I have met in Maine. Her craftsmanship is also out of this world. Worth every penny.

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