Flamingo Festival 2022

This past weekend was Flamingo Festival in Southwest Harbor sponsored by Harbor House. Flamingo Festival is a weekend like no other with a full parade that’s truly over the top in a way that only small towns can pull off. It makes me feel like I walked onto the set of a Hallmark Channel Rom-Com. So Classic Americana. The joy. The positive energy. Its amazing. I added pictures of the parade at least my 2 favorite parts.  There was a pancake breakfast served and made by the local US Coast Guard. It was a great way to start a busy day. (& those USCG guys could easily play the leading man in this Hallmark movie I am envisioning. Hallmark Publishing call me I could write it! Haha)

Last years Flamingo Festival was my very first craft fair, so to me it felt like an anniversary of sorts. I think about how clueless I was last year. I used a bunch of Lilly Pulitzer beach towels as tablecloths last year & a bedsheet! My tent was Pink but if you read my first blog post you know that the pink tent died a Noble death this year over Memorial Day Weekend.

Last year I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how far this journey was going to take me. I mean look at me now! I hired a marketing company to help me create a Logo, an e-commerce website and a blog. I’ve been studying the business side of own an arts business a lot lately, primarily focused on earning an arts business in the modern digital world. To say I got a tad nostalgic is an understatement. I think of all the friendships I had made along the way. The confidence I have found. The Drive that lives inside of me to just create.  So happy I took the leap last year to start selling my art and all the positives that have come from it.

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