Mmm Bacon

Charcuterie is more than cheese and crackers. One of my favorite customer photos came to me a few days after Christmas 2021 from a client that’s also a good friend. A breakfast Charcuterie board she made over the holidays. I mean YUM yum BACON BACON BACON!!! I feel my mouth drool just looking at the

After the Rain comes a RAINBOW

So, another weekend in the summer means only one thing as an artist, another craft fair. This time Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island. The weather report was iffy for Saturday and mentioned light rain during set up, but it would turn into a nice day. Sunday looked like downpour rain the whole day. Saturday

Surfs Up

I am so proud of the exclusive charcuterie boards and coasters that are now at Acadia SUP newest lifestyle location in Bar Harbor Surf Sand Beach Co! The most Northeast Surf shop in the USA. Are you coming to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor and want to explore some outside adventures? I have a

Grab Your Pic-A-Nic Basket

Networking! Networking! Networking! My best friend from high school became obsessed with these picnic-charcuterie-outings and she found one on IG and sent it to me when I moved to Maine. I reached out and connected and the rest is history. Luxury Picnics Acadia, owned and stylized by the lovely Tabitha Brown, does an amazing job

Crafting Ain’t Easy

I am so excited to start blogging about my crafting experience thus far. I am not sure what this is going to become but let’s do this together and enjoy the ride. I am Diana and I started selling at craft fairs on Mount Desert Island last year when I moved to Maine. I have